Raising the Children


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Name: Lillian Beaudoin

Lorraine:  Thank you for this program and all the work you've done in helping parents and children while bringing back the ways and traditions of our people.  I am anxious to share your work with my daughters and nieces who are now becoming parents themselves.  Although I have never had the priveldge of meeting you face to face, I have gotten to know you through the eyes of your loving husband.   I honour your spirit.  I honour the woman and person you are.  Meegwitch!  

Name: Brian Walmark

I miss her.

Name: Elizabeth Kiyawasew

I love the picture of Lorraine kissing Clayton's cheek.  I made the shirt that he is wearing for my son, Derek, when he has a baby, and it made it's way around the family to the cousins.  I'm sure there are pictures of the different cousins wearing it.

Name: Carolyn Hudson

Hello from the Hudsons in Kenora!  (Don, Astrid, Bruce, Carolyn),
     It's a beautiful site, Lorraine!  We are with you in spirit.  Keep up the great work that you are doing!

Name: Carolyn Hudson

My mom, Astrid Hudson, told me about your website and it looks great! 
Mom and dad (Don) are very proud to know you.  We are with you in spirit.
If we can ever help in any way, let us know.
Carolyn Hudson

Name: Jill Johnston

I love your beautiful site and dedication to a pioneer in restorative justice for
so many of us all over the lands.
Here words and teachings will live on in all the Zonies' ...she graced with her
humour, love of raising all children with respect and dignity for parents and teachers in us all.
One love.
Jill Johnston.

Name: Melinda Copenace

I believe Raising the Children is a great program and I am so proud to be able to say that I was taught about it by Lorraine Kenny. I have attended many workshops throughout my career and by far, hers was the best. She made me feel warm, welcome, and accepted. She always referred to me by "Marvelous" Melinda even years after that workshop long ago. The name came from the Ice Breaker she had us do to get to know each other. She never forgot. She touched my heart every time she called me that. Little things make such a difference in a person's life. Lorraine knew how to do that. A wonderful lady, I'll never forget.

Name: Susan O'Donnell

We can all learn from the training program themes and messages about love and sharing and community. Thanks for making this wonderful resource available. I remember running into Lorraine at the Sioux Lookout airport where she had just returned, tired but happy, from giving a parenting workshop in a remote northern community. She gave all of herself to something she believed in with great passion.

Name: Carl Seibel

It's great to see Lorraine's passion for healthy parenting and healthy kids continue through Raising the Children. Lorraine was an awesome kid herself.