Raising the Children


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We want to thank the following people who honoured Lorraine's passing with donations to Raising the Children.

Nadia Caidi and University of Toronto, Toronto
Carol Terry, Sioux Lookout
Laura Calmwind, Thunder Bay
Ursula Abel, Sudbury
Renate Eigenbrod, Winnipeg
Reg and Edna Drew, Sioux Lookout
Northern Nishnawbe Education Council Sioux Lookout
Robert Michieli and Debra Sider, Sioux Lookout
City of Dryden, Dryden
Robert Johnson and Laurel Wood, Sioux Lookout
Raffaella Dicecco, Toronto
Wil Derouard and Lindsey Derouard, Kenora
Tom Cappel and Mary Ellen Johson, Sioux Lookout
Peggy Sanders, Sioux Lookout
Susan O'Donnell, Fredericton
Terry and Denise Beaton, Cumberland
James Brown and Joanne Lee, Kingston
Florence Edwards and Doreen Beaton, Cumberland
Ah-Shawon-Bin Victim Support, Sioux Lookout